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Download Sinhala Fonts For Free

How Can I Download Sinhala Fonts For Free

It’s a fact that technology evolves day by day. So, when it comes to using our computers, now we have the opportunity to use whatever the font we want.

Since most of us now use Sinhala fonts in PC, from this article, I’m going to guide you to download Sinhala fonts, through easy steps.

Since we are providing Sinhala fonts for free, there’s no need to buy paid ones.

You can download 1000+ free Sinhala fonts from

Free Download 1000+ Sinhala Fonts

Let’s assume that you found the perfect match, what do you do next?

You have to install the font you selected to use the font, and how to do that?


Step 1.  In Settings, go to Personalization and then click on the Fonts tab. You can select either font styles from Get more fonts in the Microsoft Store, or choose a site manually like as, and download the fonts you need.

Step 2 – After the download, you will most probably find a Zip file. And select Extract All.

Then, choose the folder you want to copy the downloaded font.

Step 3 – After extracting the file, right-click on it and select Install.

And that’s it.

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